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 Bridge Builders to the New Generation, will provide a student outreach college/career readiness program, and will provide support for the program by leading the study skills strategies/life skills component. This proposal specifies the services that Bridge Builders to the New Generation (Changing the Narrative Project) will provide within the structured needs. Below are two formats, one specific to behavior and the other to study skills strategies/tutoring. 

1. After School Tutoring

2. Student Leadership

3. Social Emotional Assistance

4. Academic support/Classroom Observations

5. Cultural Relevant/Academic Field Trips

6. College and Career Readiness


The objectives of Bridge Builders to the New Generation student to give the students and community an opportunity to get connected with each other through education. We will make sure to provide academic support for our students. Every day we will do classroom observations for 5 – 10 students who are struggling in their classes. With our classroom observation would give us insight, their families, and teachers on the best way we could support students academically and social emotionally. After school we will focus on building community and giving students a sense of belonging, it will help students who have a hard time developing friendships, social anxiety, and knowing how to work in groups to allow them to develop leadership skills. 

When completed please email to

This program is for students who are currently enrolled at Antioch High School, Deer Valley High School, Park Middle School, Antioch Middle School, Dallas Ranch Middle School

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