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Bridge Builders to the New Generation, Inc.

Create quality resource and independent education centers that provide underserved youth with activities, skills, and social services

Who We Are

Bridge Builders to the New Generation, Inc. is dedicated to providing underserved youth with an inclusive, nurturing, and safe environment to excel in college, career, and life. We work with families, educating them on trauma-informed practices and breaking generational cycles. Through workshops, support groups, and guidance, we empower families to develop healthy communication skills and create a positive environment for their children. BBNG helps families and students from marginalized communities explore their identities and defy societal stereotypes. By defining their college or career path, we build a stronger community for our youth and their families.


Jefferson Award Winner

Jefferson Award is given by the national organization Multiplying Good. KPIX has been a media partner with them since 2005.

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Our mission is a long-term concern, and therefore requires regular financial resources. We need you.


Partnering with Bridge Builders ng provides you with a powerful channel to reach young people in over 100 countries


Inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in development challenges.


Our Services

We provide after school tutoring, college and career readiness, community & student outreach, student mentoring, social emotional assistance, and peer restorative justice to all youth.

Featured Programs

"Change the Narrative" and  "I Wish I Would Have Known" are our two main programs. Click below for more information.

Meet Our Board of Directors

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CEO & Founder

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Board Member


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Board Member

King's Conference 2023

Will The Change Youth Summit 2023

MBK 2023

CEO Shamawn Wright Interview on ESPN+

"Will The Change" Summer Summit

2021 Toy Drive

Peer Mentorship

College Tour to Saint Mary's College

Field Trip to Cal Academy of Science


My experience so far has been fantastic. I’ve learned a lot through the program. it’s has opened me up too many experiences I wouldn’t have experienced without bridge builders’ organization.”

- BBNG Student

“This has showed me many opportunities. bridge builders encouraged me to want to go father in life. for example, college it opened my eyes to a life I’m not very familiar with. they gave me knowledge and helped me become a better me.”

- BBNG Student

“I’ve brought up my grades a lot since being in this program, Mr Wright goes over grades with us and tells us how we can better ourselves and if we have an issue, he’ll help us resolve it with the teacher. The college field trips are helpful and a good experience. It’s also helped socially because I’ve met a lot of new people and have close bonds with them now.”

- BBNG Student

“I have had great experiences with the people of this program as well as the program itself. I have seen others have good times as well. I’ve seen my peers laugh more than ever and I’ve also seen some conflict but due to the adults being so quick to act and great at their jobs the situations will sometimes be quickly diffused. The times I’ve had as a mentor and as a student have been amazing. I’d recommend the bridge builders program to all my peers if any of them cared enough to show up as often as I do.”

- BBNG Student

“It has been very helpful. The program has helped me with better decision making, better social skills, giving back to the community, and much more. I feel like this program gives me a safe space to open up about my everyday struggles. They also provide math tutors and that can be very helpful at times. Over all I feel this program will help me become successful.”- BBNG Student

“I never really thought about college until we went to Sacramento state. After the tour I am excited to visit and learn about the different schools. I enjoy going to the middle school to mentor the younger kids.”

- BBNG Student

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Dallas Ranch Middle School

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Antioch Middle School

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East Bay Regional Park District

Antioch Family Justice Center

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Mission Elementary School

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Antioch Community Foundation

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Antioch Rotary Club

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