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BBNG provides a comprehensive 6-month course to a maximum of 50 parents. After the completion of each cohort, a new group of 50 parents is enrolled in the course. These sessions may include workshops, seminars, or group discussions led by experienced professionals in child development. Topics covered may include effective communication, positive discipline techniques, building resilience in children, fostering healthy relationships, and promoting emotional well-being.

Held once a week at the Family Justice Center, this program aims to address generational trauma, advocate for children's education, and enhance parental engagement in schools, ultimately reducing truancy rates and dismantling dysfunctional households. By focusing on these critical areas, BBNG actively supports parents in becoming effective advocates for their children's education and overall well-being.

The six-month structure allows for a comprehensive and sustained approach, ensuring that parents have the necessary tools and support to navigate the challenges they may face. As each cohort completes the program, a new group of parents is brought in, creating a continuous cycle of support and empowerment for families in the community. BBNG's efforts are commendable as they strive to build stronger connections between parents, schools, and the next generation, ultimately fostering a more positive and supportive community.

In addition to parenting education, BBNG offers ongoing support and coaching to parents and caregivers through one-on-one sessions. These sessions are tailored to the unique needs of each family, providing guidance, encouragement, and practical strategies to address parenting challenges and promote positive parent-child relationships. BBNG recognizes the value of community-based resources and programs, providing referrals to neighborhood-based classes and support groups. These classes and groups offer a supportive and non-judgmental environment where parents can connect with peers, share experiences, and learn from one another.

BBNG is dedicated to fostering collaboration and partnerships to enhance the services and support available to families in Contra Costa County and beyond. By actively working with the Family Justice Center in East, West, and Central Contra Costa County, as well as Solano Contra Costa County, Department of Probation, and Antioch Unified School District, BBNG ensures that families have access to a comprehensive network of resources. The primary prevention services offered by BBNG include a 6-month course that is conducted once a week. After the initial 6 months, a new cohort of parents is enrolled into the course, which has a maximum capacity of 100 parents. This results in a total of 48 sessions per year, providing ample opportunities for parents to engage in parenting education, support, and coaching services. The duration and frequency of these services are tailored to meet the unique needs of the families served, ensuring that they receive the necessary support and guidance throughout their parenting journey. Through these collaborative efforts, BBNG is able to provide a holistic approach to family support, addressing a wide range of needs and empowering parents to create positive and nurturing environments for their children.

The services provided by BBNG aim to improve family well-being, strengthen parenting skills, and provide access to resources and support. These outcomes align with the requirements of the CPP, demonstrating the Change The Narrative program’s commitment to supporting families and promoting positive outcomes for children and parents in the Antioch community.

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