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About Us


Eliminate barriers to success, allowing underserved youth to live their dreams and attain their aspirations while being productive members of society.



Bridge Builders to the New Generation, Inc. is dedicated to providing a foundational bridge that takes underserved youth to an inclusive, nurturing, and safe environment where they will learn skills necessary to excel in college, career, and life. Bridge Builders to the New Generation provides a safe space for students from marginalized communities to engage in their own learning.  Students at Bridge Builders will have the ability to explore their identities and to change the narrative of the many stereotypes that society tries to label them with. Through our mentorship and guidance, all of our students will define a college or career path by the time they depart from secondary education.


Create quality resource and independent education centers that provide underserved youth with activities, skills, and social services necessary to thrive in education. Instilling qualities that will enable them to attain their aspirations by excelling in school, career, and life.

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