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Academic advisor Job Description

Organizational Overview:

Bridge Builders to the New Generation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving marginalized communities that come from underserved communities, with a huge emphasis on serving our African American males. Bridge Builders to the New Generation (BBNG) provides a host of support options for K-12 students who come from first-generation, racial/ethnic minority, and low-income backgrounds. Forms of support provided by BBNG include mentorship, subject tutoring, academic advising, weekly check-ins, career readiness, SAT/ACT workshops, and college/A-G preparation for students. These programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and resources necessary to excel in the life arenas of higher education, career, and beyond.

Position Description:

Bridge Builders to the New Generation is looking for someone that is enthusiastic about making positive change in the lives of our youth. With the lack of resources provided for marginalized communities and the many gaps in our educational system, we are looking for someone to help build a bridge between our community and education system. Bridge Builders need someone that shows compassion, and that has a sense of vulnerability in reshaping the mindset of our youth. Within this position there will be weekly 1 on 1 academic/personal meetings with students, classroom observation, after school student community building activities. Our goal is to help shift the mindset of how our students look at education and show them how they can take ownership back over their education. We believe that by breaking down our student social identity and understanding their emotions, and breaking down the infrastructure of education, we believe will give our students the ability to define what success looks like for them.


Academic Meetings 50% of time allocated to:

●Collect student’s transcripts/ weekly report card

●Create academic plan with students: Talk to counselor regarding the classes students are in, create academic path for students, create student educational map (Secondary, Higher education, vocational school)

● Review what kind of support students need within the classrooms: Tutors, school supplies, teacher agreements)

●Create cohort grade report: Have students struggling grades, missing assignments, attendance, student GPA, and overall cohort GPA

●Student pull outs: to get them a break outside of the classroom, and go over personal life, dreams/aspirations, talk about individual goal plan

Classroom Observation 30% of time allocated to:

●Review how students engage in the curriculum

●Meet with student teachers and communicate on the best way to support the student in their classes

●When meeting with students discuss what was observed in the classes.

●Teach students how to advocate for themselves: communicate with their teachers, parents, administrators, and counselors)


●Commitment to serve the community

●Being authentic to who you are, and how you show up in this world

●Engage parents/families into their child’s education

●Come into the space with a sense of vulnerability and humility, always know that someone can teach you something new each day.

●Do not take up to much space, remember that the spaces are not ours but the people we serve

●Ability to stay calm under hostile situations

●Communicate with administrators, teachers, counselors, or anyone else that works on the campus.

●Ability to be a leader, show compassion, have empathy, and communicate.

Minimum Qualifications

●Bachelor degree in Social Work, Sociology, Child development, or any other related field. (Exception 90 accredited credits from 4 year credited university)

●Minimum of 1 year with experience in student engagement, community development, management, or related field

●Experience in leading and developing programs

●facilitating or co-facilitating programs

●Proven experience in help designing programs, and showing leadership skills

●Has a burning desire to work with young people, with the ability to help show our students how to advocate for themselves and take ownership of their education.

●Help with students that have a huge need academically, needs social emotional assistance, and behavioral

●Must be able to meet weekly with school administrators and their care team meeting, virtually or in person

● Have training or be willing to get trained on students IEP and 504

●Must be able to complete and pass DOJ LiveScan/fingerprinting screen, TB screen, and any other required background clearances determined based on work-site location.

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