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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Pello Walker

Board Chair

As a dedicated, passionate, and visionary executive with over 30 years of experience in fundraising and advocacy, I am excited about the opportunity to leverage my skills to propel a non-profit organization to the next level. I am seeking a leadership position where I can cultivate donors, supporters, patrons, funders, and Donor Advised Foundations to drive impactful change. With a proven track record in executive leadership, legislative and nonprofit advocacy, non-profit fundraising, program development, marketing strategy, public speaking, budgeting, forecasting, mentoring, and coaching, I am well-equipped to contribute effectively to the success of the organization.

In my role on the Measure X Citizens Advisory Board in Contra Costa County, California, appointed by the Board of Supervisors, I led the review of non-profit proposals and public institutions to recommend expenditure of funds to support health and human services. I coached and guided non-profits in designing high-impact proposals, marketing strategies, and appeal letters, fostering collaboration and effective resource allocation. As a Board Member of the Center for Elders’ Independence Foundation in Oakland, I raised over $63.2 million in donations by cultivating relationships with donors and key organizations, while providing strategic guidance and financial oversight for a multimillion-dollar budget. My advocacy efforts aimed to raise awareness, expand the donor base, build client relationships, and influence legislation to benefit the organization and the community it serves.

In my role as President of Daily Digital Imaging, a multi-award winning marketing and design firm, I have honed my skills as a marketing strategist, achieving an average response rate of 12.3% for client programs. Through pioneering personalized direct marketing messages, I consistently delivered double-digit response rates and 800% ROI, demonstrating a commitment to innovation and results-driven strategies. My dedication to leadership, coaching, and mentoring extends to business owner members of C-level mastermind groups, ensuring their success and growth in the ever-evolving business landscape. With a background in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and a series of awards and recognitions, including the NAMI Contra Costa County ‘Veterans Change Agent Award’ and the California ‘Philanthropist of the Year’ Award, I am driven to make a lasting impact through my work in advocacy, fundraising, and community development.

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Tamara Paterson

Vice Board Chair

As the Assistant Manager for Safeguards and Security at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Livermore Field Office, I bring a wealth of experience in leading and managing federal staff in oversight and evaluation of contractors and National Laboratories' performance. With a background in protective security, mission support, and program management at the Department of Homeland Security, along with academic qualifications including a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Illinois University and a Master of Science degree from Bellevue University, I am well-equipped to contribute to the board with my expertise in security management and program oversight. My commitment to community service and my passion for making a positive impact align well with the organization's mission and values.

Joining the organization’s board of directors is a natural extension of my desire to give back to the community and support initiatives that empower and uplift individuals, particularly students of color. Drawing from my experience in university administration and program development, I am motivated to leverage my skills in engagement, outreach, and mentoring to support the organization's efforts in providing access to higher education and creating a safe space for students facing challenges. Additionally, my leadership experience in project management, quality control, and team building positions me to contribute to the success of the organization's initiatives and help drive impactful change.

With a unique perspective shaped by my diverse background and experiences as a military child and a Black woman in leadership, I bring a valuable perspective to the board and the organization as a whole. My commitment to understanding and addressing challenges, building effective teams, and fostering collaboration aligns with the organization's goals of breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all students to thrive. I am dedicated to supporting the CEO's vision, expanding the organization's reach, and developing strategic plans for growth and sustainability. Through active engagement with board members, proactive fundraising efforts, and a commitment to fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities, I aim to contribute meaningfully to the organization and help advance its mission of empowering students and fostering educational opportunities.

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Brandon Rice

Board Member

As the CEO of Rice Entertainment Company, specializing in creating memorable DJ and Photo Booth experiences in the Bay Area, my professional background is centered on delivering unparalleled entertainment services. I am deeply motivated to join the Board of Directors of Bridge Builders to the New Generation, driven by a genuine passion to contribute to the organization's growth and impact on underserved youth.

My expertise lies in meticulous event planning, flawless execution, and the implementation of innovative marketing strategies. With previous experience as a programming outreach coordinator for construction projects, I have successfully led diverse teams to ensure exceptional client experiences. This background equips me with the skills necessary to make valuable contributions to the board.

Through a strong resonance with the organization's mission of empowering underserved youth, I aim to elevate our events and marketing efforts to amplify the Bridge Builder's brand presence within the local community and beyond. I bring a unique perspective to the board, combining strategic insight with operational excellence to address challenges and opportunities effectively. My commitment to fostering collaboration, supporting fundraising initiatives, and staying actively engaged will help drive the organization towards its goals.

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Kevin Booze

Board member

As a recent graduate from Sacramento State with a degree in construction management and a background in business, I currently work as a construction project manager while running my own business in junk removal, dumpster rental, and hauling services. Motivated by the potential impact on the younger generation, particularly under the leadership of Shamawn, I was inspired to join the board of directors for Bridge Builders to the New Generation. Understanding the importance of laying a strong foundation for growth, I bring a network of connections in the business world that can help secure funding and recognition for the organization. Additionally, I am committed to brainstorming innovative ways to enhance the branding and development of BBNG.

With experience serving on the board of directors for the Black Alumni Chapter of Sacramento State and holding leadership positions in college fraternity organizations, I bring a wealth of networking and organizational skills to the table. My understanding of the organization's mission to foster professional development and provide opportunities for youth resonates with my own belief in empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their full potential. While I may not have firsthand experience with all the challenges faced by program participants, I am dedicated to leveraging my knowledge, resources, and ideas to contribute meaningfully to the organization's growth and impact.

Passionate about supporting the students' involvement in various events such as college trips, career fairs, and college readiness programs, I am eager to help create opportunities for growth and exploration. As a driven and ambitious individual, I aim to bring my proactive mindset and creative ideas to the board, especially during times of uncertainty or change. By actively engaging with fellow board members, seeking feedback, and working together towards common goals, I believe we can address challenges, enhance communication, and drive the organization forward.

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Board Treasurer

My career journey in operations and manufacturing has been enriching and diverse. Starting at Union Pacific railroad after college, I honed my skills in managing operations efficiently. Transitioning to roles at Amazon and currently at SpaceX, I have consistently taken on leadership roles where I have overseen teams comprising both hourly and salaried employees, totaling over 50 individuals. This experience has given me a deep understanding of managing and motivating diverse teams towards a common goal.

Joining your organization's board of directors was driven by my desire to give back to the community, especially to the youth. I am inspired by the individuals who have positively influenced my life and wish to pay that forward. With a background in leadership and business acumen, I believe I can contribute effectively to strategic decision-making processes that will benefit the organization and the individuals it serves.

While my board experience was limited prior to this opportunity, I am deeply committed to the organization's mission to uplift underprivileged youth by providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities for personal growth. As a board member, I am passionate about actively participating in events, offering mentorship, and making contributions to support the organization's initiatives. Mentorship, in particular, is an area where I feel I can make a significant impact and contribute meaningfully to the development of young individuals.

Through my journey in operations and leadership roles, I have developed a strong sense of responsibility towards community development. I see the board position as a platform to align my skills and experiences with the organization's objectives, aiming to provide a positive influence on the lives of those in need. By engaging in mentorship activities and supporting fundraising efforts, I hope to play a part in taking the organization to greater heights, making a lasting impact on the youth it serves.


Brad Nanuilow

Board Secretary

I embarked on my professional journey as an investment banker at Merrill Lynch back in 1997. Throughout the years, I transitioned to equity research roles, delving into internet stocks at Merrill Lynch and Thomas Weisel Partners, and later shifting my focus to the software industry at Pequot / Andor Capital and SAC. Following my tenure as a software analyst, I ventured into trading options and have been part of the same team since 2008, honing my expertise in finance and strategic decision-making.

My introduction to Bridge Builders stemmed from a serendipitous encounter with its founder, Shamawn, at a mutual friend's wedding. Inspired by Shamawn's dedication to supporting at-risk youth, I was compelled to contribute to the organization's growth. Leveraging my financial background, I bring a unique skill set that enables me to assess Bridge Builders from a high-level perspective and implement processes to facilitate its expansion successfully.

Collaborating closely with Shamawn over the past two years on fundraising initiatives has been both rewarding and enlightening. Together, we have engaged with numerous foundations and philanthropic entities, seeking to forge new financial partnerships that can foster the organization's growth. Moving forward, I am committed to continuing this collaborative effort with Bridge Builders, exploring avenues to secure the necessary capital for our development and sustainability.

As I reflect on Bridge Builders' journey ahead, I recognize the challenge of replicating our successes in new areas while upholding the high standards we have set in Antioch. Finding the right individuals and managers to support our expansion will be crucial. By actively engaging with fellow board members and focusing on fundraising strategies, I aim to contribute significantly to overcoming these challenges and driving Bridge Builders towards sustained growth. My commitment extends to attending all board meetings, participating in off-site engagements, and being present at as many functions as possible to support the organization's mission.


Damon Wiley

Board member

Damon Wiley, a first-generation Bay Area native, is currently pursuing an MBA at Berkeley Haas School of Business. He holds a unique distinction as a double bear, having completed his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley with a major in English. With a strong foundation in communication and language, Damon brings a diverse skill set to his academic and professional pursuits.

Prior to his MBA journey, Damon was part of the sales division at LinkedIn, where he collaborated closely with the social impact team to develop pipeline programs benefiting Bay Area students. His experience in driving impactful initiatives and fostering community engagement showcases his commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Beyond his corporate experience, Damon is a two-time founder of companies dedicated to promoting emotional intelligence, career development, and addressing the systemic disparities that affect marginalized communities. Through his entrepreneurial ventures, Damon has demonstrated a passion for creating innovative solutions to bridge gaps and empower individuals facing challenges within society.

With a background rooted in academia, corporate partnerships, and entrepreneurial endeavors, Damon embodies a holistic approach to creating positive change. His commitment to social impact, coupled with his diverse experiences and skills, positions him as a valuable asset in driving meaningful initiatives that uplift and empower underrepresented communities.

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