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Will The Change Summit

Students will get the opportunity from individuals that come from all walks in life, who became successful in their journey. Individuals that come from the community to talk about social emotional trauma that they have dealt with in their road to success. This will allow students to get the opportunity to see people as human, and how to take ownership of their emotions.


  • Understand how the stock market works. 

  • How to determine a good investment when it comes to stocks.

  • How to determine when to buy a stock, how long to keep it, and when to sell it.

  • What is a fix and flip?

  • What will make a home a good fix and flip property

  • How to determine how much someone would spend on the fix and flip

  • Short Term & Long Term Rentals

  • What is a Short Term Rental? What is a Long Term Rental?

  • How does someone make the numbers make sense?

  • Understanding what type of properties will be good short term and long term rentals?Wholesale (Real Estate)

What is Wholesale Real Estate?

  • How can someone find the right wholesale property?

  • How much money can someone make from wholesale, and how someone can make their contract for investors.

Students will gain knowledge about investments that they can make with their money. As times have changed and our country's economy is forever changing. Students need to know different places where they could put their money.


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