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Student Mentorship

Student Mentoring Program


The objective to Bridge Builders to the New Generation Student Mentoring program is give our students the responsibility to mentor their peers. Students will gain leadership, accountability, for other students to give them knowledge that they wish they would have had when they were their mentees age.

Measurable Goals

· Mentees will have mentors
· Provide each mentee with a mentor that has the same morals, vision, goals
· Help with students’ academic performance
· Help students become responsible for their own actions
· Students will become leaders rather than followers

Program Features

The student mentoring component will consist of students mentoring their peers. This will give students a chance to educate the younger scholars on what to expect when they do come to the next grade level. The students will have an opportunity to have a mentor and be a mentee.

We want to first start with individuals that are professionals, because they are able to prepare students that are in college or choose not to attend college for life after their education career. The next group will be college students (4-year institutions) mentoring junior college students (2 year institutions) and high school seniors. These students will have the opportunity to educate students on how to navigate around their higher education students. If the student id first generation, person of color, LGBQT community, undocumented or any other marginalized group. The mentors will give them guidance on proper actions they need to take in order to not feel included in their experience, help them find safe spaces, find allies at the institutions. High School students will mentor middle school students, this is a critical transition for students. Many students in middle school did not take their education serious and struggled without anyone to help them socially and emotionally to deal with different changes in their life. High school students will prepare these students, by having them think about college/ career after high school. They will make sure that they are taking the right classes and understanding the curriculum. They will give these students a defined definition of A-G requirements, and make sure by their freshman year they are enrolled in as many A-G courses depending on if they are in SPED or have an IEP.

Middle School students will mentor elementary school students. We feel as if many of our middle school students go through school without no responsibility or accountability for themselves or anyone else. If we are able to give them someone else that looks up to them, and they are able to help with their academics, social life, and teach their mentees how to be optimistic at an early age then this will motivate our middle school students to do well in their academics, and also that they can be leaders on their school campus as well.

Deer Valley High School Students Mentoring Dallas Ranch Middle School Students

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