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Junior recreation Leaders

The objectives of Bridge Builders to the New Generation student leadership to give the students and community an opportunity to get connected with each other through education. There will be opportunities for students to learn how to create social events around school, prepare for job interviews, write a resume, and bring in guest speakers from all walks of life that are in leadership roles in their career

  • Students will earn community service hours for college applications

  • Students will have an understanding how to set up social events on campus, to build a healthy campus climate

  • Students will become leaders among their peers

  • Students will learn how to prepare for job interviews and job training.

  • Students will learn how to address issues on campus, and learn the proper way to go about it, and building allies throughout administrators to have their voices be heard

Measurable Goals

  1. Understanding how to deal with stress in a work environment

  2. learning how to work with a team

  3. understand what it means to be a professional

  4. Interviewing skills, and how to prep for an interview

  5. understand how to start their own business

  6. the importance of networking

  7. How to find your purpose and pick a career, understand how to budget your money/invest it.

Learn to advocate for yourself Impromptu Speech

Recap of Junior Recreation Leadership Camp Summer 2022

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