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Identity Deveolpment



Students constantly are struggling with their identity and trying to figure out who they are. Being a part of educational institutions, many students have shaped their identity based off of the media, their community, and peers. We will help students break down certain identity barriers that do not allow them to be the best version of themselves.

  • Break down their social identity.

  • Students will redefine their identity, through our culturally relevant curriculum.

  • Learn to advocate for themselves in educational settings.

  • Help identify assets and deficits within their classroom settings, and allow their voices to be heard as they find the best way to


Program Features


Bridge Builders to the New Generation will create an inclusive space for vulnerable students to talk about their personal struggle and break down how to navigate in spaces that were not designed for them. The program keeps students safe and active right up until the moment we end. We believe that there is a huge gap in our educational system on how to engage students that come from marginalized communities, into their class curriculum. We look to engage our students through a culturally relevant pedagogy, which will allow students to break down their social identity, and how they view themselves, and show up in the world. Hip hop gives students the ability to express themselves, and not just from dirty lyrics, but from the sense of culture and community, that will allow our students the ability to become critical thinkers through their expression of the way they dress, think, and write. This will give students the ability to look at the assets and deficits of their community, and how their environment, music, and society shaped the way they see themselves.

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