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I Wish I Would Have Known Program

I Wish I Would Have Known...


To give Bridge Builders students access to professionals in their community. This program will also give Bridge Builders professionals the platform to present what they wish they would have known early-on when navigating systems of education, career, and life. Students will obtain detailed knowledge of the experiences of adults that have once been in their shoes.

Measurable Goals

  • Students will have the opportunity to build a community of like-minded individuals.

  • Students will learn different approaches to meet their academic and life goals.

  • Students will learn how to overcome a barrier.

  • Students will have the ability to create connections with professionals.

Overall Program Structure

  • Location:

  • Online Outlets

  • Outlets: Zoom, and Instagram


Measurable Goals

Bridge Builders to the New Generation professionals will create a platform for students to learn from their different approaches to and journey during life milestones. Professionals will go in-depth on what they “Wish [they] would have known” early-on when navigating systems of education, career, and life. The program will first start on the online platform, Instagram. Professionals are asked to record short videos on the knowledge they have acquired in the latter areas and wish they were made privy to during adolescents. Instagram will be used to post the messages. It is expected this program will consist of a 6-part series consisting of approximately 12 videos in the following subjects:

Series 3: Career Professionals
Series 4: Mental Health Facilitators
Series 5: Adult Life
Series 6: Athletics

The videos will release every other day; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once the 6-part series of the 12 videos commence, professionals will then hold a Zoom youth hangout. It is planned to have guest speaker, group facilitators, and a round of trivia on Kahoot. The latter will give students the opportunity to meet other like-minded youth, and learn more by asking questions, and receiving feedback, in a safe space. Bridge Builders to the New Generation’s role in the series is to provide a platform where the next generation can obtain tools that mitigate barriers and ease the process of transitions to becoming a college student, professional, and self-sufficient adult.

Program Participants


Shaun Warren

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Talent Engagement Specialist at Google.

BA Finances

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 7.33.14 PM.png

Reggie Dulaney

Law Clerk at the Law Offices of Johnson and Omotosho LLP

J.D. California Western School of Law


Cameron Lockley

Logisitics and warehouse manager 

Bs in international business 


Elizabeth Leon

Saint Mary's College

child development major


Willem Leeks

 motivational speaker, transformative thinker and Poet.

Taevi Headshots-3.jpg

Taevi Wilson

Special Events Coordinator passionate about eliminating hunger in Contra Costa and Solano County

BA Communications / Public Relations Minor--Marketing and Art


Breana Johnson

Clinician serving systems involved youth and adolescents

MA Social Work


Dominique Gildon

is a Commercial Credit Analyst at Torrey Pines Bank

 BS in Finance

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