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Career Readiness



Many students leave high school or College with no defined career path. This could lead to stress, depression, self-hatred, low self-esteem; because students will be working in order to receive compensation. Our GOAL is to give students a defined career path with different options to choose from. We would rather students find something that they like to do. We want to help increase mental health, financial stability, and decrease homeless. The overall goal is to increase
America’s economy.

Measurable Goals

○ Develop your own individualized goal plan.

○ Build the skills needed to write a resume.

○ Receive support on the career search process.

○ Find a job &/or internship.

○ Practice your interview skills.

Participant Guidelines:

1. Appropriate and respectable volumes
2. No food or drinks during in-person participation forums
3. No plagiarism
4. Respect the confidentiality of other participants
5. Practice appropriate boundaries
6. Minimum of 1x a week face to face check-in with Advisor
7. Minimum of 3.5 hours a week of after-school curriculum participation on any outlet

Program Features

Bridge Builders to the New Generation Career Readiness program invites students to explore a broad range of career opportunities while learning to identify their career interests, aptitudes, and learning styles. Students discover that they can gain critical experience and develop job-related skills, including math, technology, teamwork, leadership, and effective communications. They’ll learn more about themselves, their interests/abilities, and valid educational/career choices as they develop a career portfolio while practicing the principles of personal finance. The goal is to break down the barriers-of-entry for students with emotional and cognitive differences in their career-search process. The program takes a unique, 3-pronged approach by engaging our 1) students, 2) campus community and 3) employer partners in various events to achieve long-term, sustainable success for our students.

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