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Art Camp

Our scholars love the independent and inclusive environment to express themself through art – every child has a different solution to the projects created.  The students will also be learning and building on the traditional art skills involved in drawing and painting and we love to teach through examples of art history and the masters. Students will be expressing themselves through art. Knowing how to connect their soul, energy, and mind to creating something that is unique for them.

Measurable Goals:

  1. Students will express themselves through their own drawing

  2. Learn the history of art

  3. Use art as a source of therapeutic treatment to help them identify their culture and community

Mr. G Teaching

Art Camp Recap Summer 2022


I learned about how to draw shadows and color theory. I also learned on how different colors are made. I learned how to draw on a canvas as well and how to start and end.

I learned about the eclipse and how it has a big part in the sketch. I learned about the loomis head ,and how to block out the painting. I also learned about the color wheel.And I had fun.

I learned to take risks with my art, and to learn how to be more confident in my abilities. I learned how to block out shapes and learned how to make a portrait using photo references and how to use acrylic paint on a canvas.

I learned how to draw faces with simple shapes. I learned how to seal paintings. I also learned how to blend colors and shade.

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