After School Tutoring


Students after school are to report to the classroom on Campus for Bridge Builder staff. We will start off with a brief meeting on daily expectation, student progress, student achievement, any upcoming events that students need to know about. After, students will have an inclusive environment to do their homework, receive tutoring, and gain extra support from others to help them with their strengths and weaknesses in their subject matter.

Measurable Goals

● Get tutoring 3 times a week
● Go to teacher after school
● Raise grade by 10%
● No failing grades
● Keep students engaged in their course work
Bridge Builders to the New Generation Scopes of Services 2
● Teach students ways that will help them learn at their own pace

Participant Guidelines:

1. Appropriate and respectable volume
2. No food or drinks during in-person participation forum
3. No plagiarism
4. Respect the confidentiality of other participants
5. Practice appropriate boundaries
6. Minimum of 1x a week face to face check-in with Advisor
7. Minimum of 3.5 hours a week of after-school curriculum participation on any outlet

Study Skills to Highlight:

Academic Anxiety: Negative Thinking; Active Participation; Active Reading: Use of Highlighter, pen/pencil, post it notes (Summarize) ; Chunking: Use to remember a large sequence of numbers or phrases ; Cognitive Visualization ; Cornell Notes / Sketch Notes ; Declarative memory: Semantic memory retention (Retaining information/facts with personal quest); Effective Study Environments ; Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory ; Getting your mind right: Preparing for study time ; Organizational Techniques and Managing Time ; Self-advocacy Withina School Setting ; The use of Mnemonics to retain information ; Visual Study guides: Flashcards, Posters/ Post it’s, and more.

Program Features

Bridge Builders to the New Generation after school program will be in an inclusive area for students. The program keeps students safe and active right up until the moment we end. After the last class of the day, students are to go to the designated meeting place. Homework is an important aspect for students, and our staff works with students, teachers, and parents to ensure the students complete their homework. Bridge Builders to the New Generation Directors are in communication each day with school administration to discuss individual student’s academic and emotional needs, along with all other logistical details that

keep the program running smoothly and in line with administration goals. Bridge Builders is about getting results and setting students up for long-term success. We’re focused on building academic confidence, igniting intellectual curiosity and inspiring a love for learning — all of which make a big impact in school and in life.