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Lauren Renville graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in literature, criticism, and theory, and a minor in communication. She is a reading and writing enthusiast aka a book worm. She loves coffee and tea. Her passions include practicing yoga and dancing. Her love for helping others has taken her from being a color guard instructor to a teaching apprentice. Currently, she is on her 3rd social media and digital marketing internship and is an ambassador for Passion Planner. Her word of the year for 2020 is compassion. 

Lauren Renville


My name is Nancy Wang. I was born in China and moved to California during sophomore year of high school. I attended University High school, and I graduated from Boston University in 2020 with the degrees of Psychology and Neuroscience. After graduation, I hope to pursue and a career in social media marketing and PR, and I also want to help people in the process.

Nancy Wang


Zack Yang recently got his bachelor's degree in Finance, Real Estate and Law. He graduated from Cal Poly Pomona and is working as a Social Media Marketing intern to gain more hands-on experience and better pursue a master's degree. He likes to read the global business news, travel, music, fashion, and fitness in his life. He believes that as long as you pay your efforts, you can achieve your goals. 

Zack Yang

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